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A sportswear brand registered in South Korea in May 2022. The first campaign shooting location is located in Gangnam, Seoul. The film exhibits the hustle and bustle of life in a busy city as interspersed among sports, leisure, and fashion~

“Power to Transform” is a hybrid of CapsuleCosmicJourney developed by Brand Designer Yubin. combining Enchanted fashion piece series with sport and casual styles to be used in different occasions .

Ocean Blu

This series is based on “buildings” and “darkness”, forming a sensory visual contrast and spatial dislocation. The metropolis with buildings and bustling crowds depress the emotions of the soul, reflecting the repeated sunrise and sunset. interest. The small body is under tremendous pressure, there is light in the eyes, and the weight is moving forward…
Black, gray and blue enter high contrast, and the color perspective expands. What you see is not the sadness of the past, but the reconciliation with the world, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

Ocean Blu - Power to Transform

Steering towards sustainability, our brand garments are versatile and easily adaptive to the many lifestyles and pace present in contemporary society. Offering comfort within style, capsulecosmicjourney is beyond a clothing brand – it is an attitude, an expression of status.

Ocean Blu - my love in Tennis

Stunning blue-green sea splendor is natural, relaxing, quiet, with several shades in shades of light blue as ideal, luxurious, crystal, dreamy gorgeous,….
The navy blue to jet black makes people imagine gradually entering a relaxed state, and this season’s series is on the tennis court to the fullest. Under the cloudy sky during the day, it brings out the charm and vitality of a strong contrast to the dark blue sea color.

Ocean Blu - life style in the city

Urban life , don’t forget to release yourself .
What kind of lifestyle do you like…
We should all be relaxed and comfortable, we are all busy but Girls,
You are willing to be free and have good quality time and taste for yourself.

Ocean Blu-sculpture art

The mysterious color mix and match allows you to experience the fun of sculpture art, repeating the boring days can be the air with added sugar, and every bite is sweet.

Nothing But You

“Nothing but You” series reflects spring, which breeds hope and where everything begins. The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing with hope. In 2022, Everyone will get out of the haze of the epidemic and step out of a gentle color from our collection. Meet the challenges and run towards to nature.

Ocean Blu

Stunning blue-green sea splendor is natural, relaxing, quiet, with several shades in shades of light blue as ideal, luxurious, crystal, dreamy gorgeous,….
Tiffany Green is one of the main colors of ccJourney. Its color system has a touch of sadness, it is quiet, like a blue flame exuding a cold and countless ice, and the opposite is turbulent, vast and endless. The special emotion and feeling come from the “Ocean Blu”.
Stay tuned for the full range of our ccjourney “ Ocean Blu” collection ,that will be release soon.

End Game Series

Darkness, word, noun, adjective, is the opposite of “light”. Darkness can refer to a state of low illumination, such as a moonless, starry night
For ccjourney this season’s collection, Darkness refers to a somber state of mind, but not evil, a body that embraces all flaws and shows contrast. So the dark charm is infinitely magnified in the galaxy…

Ash Series

The Milky Way is the galaxy that includes our Solar System, with the name describing the galaxy’s appearance from Earth: a hazy band of light seen in the night sky formed from stars that cannot be individually distinguished by the naked eye.

So that a slightly silvery gray color, also known as “space color”, this color is mostly the color of astronaut clothing. It is a natural language vocabulary. Generally, there is no scientific accurate definition. It is a relatively independent concept. Compared with many colorful or seasonal trends, it has more attractive advantages and a sense of coordination. So this season, the color inspired by our ccjourney shuttle is the main choice, and ash series is a versatile color for our brand.

Sport Casual

Fall winter 2020, our Sport and Casual collection would like to refresh your wardrobe with the latest fashion pieces mix and match from our sport and casual collection for unisex.

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest collection uses a combination of designer fabrics including chiffon, lace and silk, together with skillfully crafted embroidery and elegant accessories to showcase the rich diversity of the three main ethnic cultures of Malaysia while drawing inspiration from the magical beauty of the pristine Malaysian Rain forest.

The design philosophy is encapsulated in the vision of a modern woman, her fresh face enhanced by the softness of her apparel, while she rides a steely white horse that symbolizes both her strength and passion harmoniously balanced with her inner grace and quiet resolve.

About the Designer

Knowing Yubin

Yubin, born in Malacca, a former Portuguese colony in Peninsula Malaysia. She graduated from the Malaysia International Fashion Institute, specializing in advanced customization, and is highly skilled in bespoke design at hand-made customization and drawing.

She will continue to work hard, bringing her unique approach to fashion design and pushing the boundaries to create an inter-play of sensory cues that will touch the inner spirit of the modern-day woman.

Capsule Cosmic Journey

Brand Message

Deep within the recesses of our souls lie an innocent, creative spirit that through the passage of time, is often ravaged by the incessant demands of modern-day living. Slowly but surely, we yield, dulling our inner voice, until at last we lose ourselves in conformance to a mundane, tired existence.

Unshackle that spirit within and follow us on a cosmic journey that transcends both time and space. Experience the rebirth of your soul and allow that creative spark to once again radiate its warmth to those around you!

Whether it is a nostalgic moment in your memory or a place out of a figment of your imagination, we will journey with you to explore new frontiers and to experience new beginnings. No matter where you are or where your destination is, we will join our hearts and hands to traverse the cosmic universe together.

Capsule Cosmic Journey's Promise

Explore CCJourney

Each year, “CCjourney” will adopt a different country as its design theme, incorporating its traditional costume and
re-interpreting it with a modern take for its fashion line. Subtly, almost imperceptibly, you will be ushered into a new realm, adorning the uniqueness and beauty of a different culture.

Let’s embrace the past, fulfill the present and reach into the future as you allow us to bring you the very best that tradition and design have to offer!